Lift cladding

landolt-lift-cladding landolt-lift-cladding-door

ALLPROTECT by™ can also be used to protect the sensitive surfaces of lift cabins during the construction phase.

For easier handling and installation, the product is supplied from rolls with a special width of 50cm. Thanks to the mechanical protection properties of the product, a thickness of three millimetres is enough to do the job. This means that the lift can be used throughout the entire construction phase without being damaged. This makes it a secure, efficient and cost-effective solution compared to conventional methods.

Protection of sensitive lift-cabin surfaces with simultaneous use of the lift – we make it possible.

  • Slip-proof

  • Absorbing

  • Extra solid

  • Impermeable

  • Inseperable

  • Sticks to everything

  • Floors, ceilings and walls

  • 100% residue-free

  • No need for adhesive tape

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