Frost and building protection mat Froma™


Froma™ is a frost and building protection mat made from 100% polyester staple fibres with a laminated, light-blue top side made of PE film.


  • Froma™ enables concreting at low temperatures and slows down the cement setting process in the summer.
  • Froma™ protects the mortar on freshly installed curbstones during the curing phase.
  • Multi-usage Froma™ can be used to close gaps and to protect materials and structures that have been freshly stripped.

  • Froma

Areas of use :

  • Concreting at low and high temperatures
  • Various construction and civil engineering applications


  • High level of protection from cold/heat
  • Temperature improvement: 5 – 15°C
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Resistant to mechanical damage
  • Extra tear resistant and reusable
  • Environmentally friendly


Product Information Froma™ [PDF 791 Ko]Technical Sheet Froma™ [PDF 129 Ko]


  • iso 5001
  • swiss