Separation and filter nonwoven Datex™ KN


Datex™ KN is a mechanically needle-punched geotextile made of 100% continuous polypropylene fibres.

The flexible Datex™ KN material adapts easily to unevenness in the terrain. Datex™ KN combines excellent tear resistance with outstanding hydraulic properties thanks to its design.

Datex™ KN guarantees a high tensile strength and good puncture resistance combined with a low surface weight.

The broad Datex™ KN product range has ideal solutions to every construction site situation requiring mainly “separation and filtering” functions.


  • Datex™ KN as a separating nonwoven prevents the fines of two overlaying layers from mixing.
  • The Datex™ KN filter function prevents the internal erosion of the substrate in the direction of flow vertical to the geotextile and guarantees a pressure-free water flow.
  • Datex™ KN lends permanent stability to structures in road building.

  • Separation

  • Filtration

Areas of use:

  • Earthworks and civil engineering
  • Road and railway construction
  • Pathways and forest trails
  • Gardens and landscaping
  • Seepage drains


  • Easy installation
  • Easy storage
  • Good hydraulic values
  • Saves fill material
  • Environmentally friendly


Product Information Datex™ KN [PDF 1,563 Ko]Technical Sheet Datex™ KN [PDF 279 Ko]


  • iso 5001
  • ce