Geocomposite fabric for drainage and protection Landodrain™ G

Landodrain™ G

Landodrain™ G is a three-dimensional composite drainage fabric.

Landodrain™ G consists of a three-dimensional drainage core of randomly laid and form-pressed polypropylene (PP) monofilaments. It is thermally bonded to a PP geo-nonwoven (FDF) on both sides.

Landodrain™ G is a suitable solution for any building site situation requiring “drainage and protection” as the main functions.


  • Landodrain™ G as drainage in horizontal and vertical applications.
  • Landodrain™ G as protection for the waterproofing membrane.
  • Landodrain™ G ensures the separation of layers without clogging.

  • Drainage

  • Protection

  • Separation

Areas of use:

  • Earthworks and civil engineering
  • Road and railway construction
  • Waste disposal sites
  • Tunnel construction
  • Flat roofs
  • Gardens and landscaping
  • Terrace construction
  • Basement walls
  • Supporting walls


  • Easy installation
  • Optimum water drainage
  • Easy storage
  • Optimum protection
  • Very resistant to heavy loads
  • Environmentally friendly


Product Information Landodrain™ G [PDF 1,331 Ko]Technical Sheet Landodrain™ G [PDF 93 Ko]


  • iso 5001
  • ce