Landocol™ is a double-sided adhesive nonwoven.

Landocol™ is an extremely hard-wearing, double-sided adhesive nonwoven underlay for laying textile floor coverings without the use of carpet glue. It is easy to lay and improves the absorption of impact sound.

Self-adhesive carpet underlay for textile floor coverings.




  • Bonds on the same level as an adhesive
  • Easy installation of textile floor coverings
  • Immediate use of the room
  • Application without bothersome solvent odours

Important: Not suitable for laying on floor coverings with a high softener content, e.g. PVC flooring, or porous stone floors (marble, clay tiles, etc.) Depending on the duration and the load applied while laying a floor cover with Landocol™, more or less residues of adhesive will remain on the substrate or the old utility cover.


Product Information Landocol™ [PDF 1,105 Ko]Technical Sheet Landocol™ [PDF 165 Ko]


  • iso 5001
  • swiss