With vapour transmitting film and absorbent paper on rear side Floorliner™ vapor P*

Floorliner™ vapor p

Vapor-transmitting nonwoven with absorbent paper on the rear side

Floorliner™ vapor P is a nonwoven with an optimum vapor-transmitting PE sheet. The sheet provides additional protection for floor coverings from liquids during the construction phase. Ideal for covering and protecting newly laid floors. Floorliner™ vapor P allows rising moisture and solvents to evaporate. The process is further supported by the absorbent paper on the rear side.

Floorliner™ vapor P provides optimum protection for your freshly laid floors and surfaces. It is the best guarantee for handing over undamaged floors every time.


Floorliner vapor P


  • Protects newly laid floors and enables better evaporation of water (moisture) and solvents
  • Completely residue-free, even with high residual moisture content

Floorliner original


Product Information Floorliner™ vapor P [PDF 1,169 Ko]Technical Sheet Floorliner™ vapor P [PDF 196 Ko]


  • iso 5001
  • swiss
  • * Patent registered