With liquid absorbent surface Floorliner™ absorb

Floorliner™ absorb

Protective nonwoven with reliable absorption properties.

Floorliner™ absorb is a nonwoven with an absorbent yet impermeable layer and an especially dense fleece. It reliably prevents liquids from coming into contact with the floor surface. Floors and furniture are protected from damaging liquids whilst construction work is ongoing.

The surface reliably absorbs liquids and dirt. Its non-slip coating enables safe, hazard-free working.


Floorliner absorb


  • Protects floors and furniture from dirt and liquids whilst providing good mechanical protection.
  • With adhesive coating Opticoat™

Floorliner original


Product Information Floorliner™ absorb [PDF 1,108 Ko]Technical Sheet Floorliner™ absorb [PDF 182 Ko]

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Floorliner absorb
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Floorliner absorb
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  • iso 5001
  • swiss