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Protection solutions



Nonwovens of the latest generation for universal use on all common surface types. Very adherent. ALLPROTECT adapts perfectly to different interior forms and shapes.

ALLPROTECT is a hard-wearing nonwoven made of synthetic fibres. The underside features an adhesive laminated composite that serves as a liquid barrier and leaves absolutely no residue on removal.

Its outstanding adhesive strength enables horizontal and vertical applications.

Robustness for best mechanical protection

ALLPROTECT by™ Original

For special requirements with regard to flammability, anti-static and water absorption capacity


Special focus on flexibility


Floorliner™ Family

Floorliner™ is an especially dense, puncture-proof nonwoven that protects surfaces from impact, dust and most liquids. Its exclusive, non-slip Opticoat™ coating enables fast and easy installation.

Multi-functional and extra robust

Floorliner™ original

Floorliner original

Floorliner™ original with anti-slip coating OPTICOAT™ by Landolt.

The multifunctional protection and covering nonvowen for multiple use, especially resistant influences, of top quality for high demand.

Safe and effective protection for covering floors of all types, carpets, tiles, stairs, furniture, sanitary installations…

Functions :

  • Non-slip for safer sites
  • Impermeable; protects the floor from all kinds of liquids (paint, solvents, …)
  • Extremely robust and tear resistant
  • Does not pill when mopped

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With vapour transmitting film

Floorliner™ vapor

Floorliner vapor

The vapour-transmitting protective nonwoven.

Breathable protection and covering nonwoven, for new surfaces in accordance with the producer’s application recommendations. Non-slip, easy installation and disposal.

Floorliner™ vapor is the ideal protection for your newly laid floors and enables you to carry on working without risk or hazard.

Functions :

  • Non-slip for safer sites
  • Breathable; allows solvents and moisture in the flooring to evaporate
  • Impermeable; protects the floor from all kinds of liquid

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With vapour transmitting film and absorbent paper on rear side

Floorliner™ vapor P

Floorliner vapor P

Multi-functional, vapor-transmitting nonwoven with an absorbent paper rear side.

Floorliner™ vapor P protects newly laid floors (e.g. from mechanical damage or stains from spilled liquids) and allows water (moisture) and solvents to evaporate.
Absorbs residual moisture and oily liquids from the substrate.

Suitable for ceramic tiles, natural stones, parquet flooring sealed or oiled on site, industrial flooring, dyed cement and screed flooring.

Functions :

  • Absorbent
  • 4 Vapor-transmitting (enables solvents, oil, paint and water vapor to evaporate)
  • 4 Impermeable to liquids (protects floors from liquids of all kinds during the construction phase)
  • 4 Residue-free

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With liquid absorbent surface

Floorliner™ absorb

Floorliner absorb

Protective nonwoven with a liquid-absorbing surface for reliable absorption.

Floorliner™ absorb is a leak-proof protective nonwoven with an Opticoat™ adhesive coating.

The surface absorbs liquids and dirt. The underside has active non-slip protection.

Functions :

  • Absorbent; protects the floor from all kinds of liquid (paint, solvents, …)
  • Non-slip for safer sites
  • Does not stick to the floor surface and is easy to remove

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Flame retardant protective nonwoven

Floorliner™ FR

Floorliner fr

Flame retardant with an adhesive coating and a liquid barrier.

Nonwoven made from synthetic fibres with flame-retardant properties. Top side with sheeting as a liquid barrier. The underside has a non-slip coating.

Floorliner™ FR is the perfect combination of effective floor protection with strict regulatory compliance. Everywhere where fire protection is requested.

Functions :

  • High flame retardance
  • Non-slip for safer sites
  • Impermeable; protects the floor from all kinds of liquids

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Multifunctional, for short term use

Floorliner™ basic

Floorliner basic

Lightweight nonwoven with numerous uses

Floorliner™ basic is a quality nonwoven with a waterproof surface. It is the ideal solution for short-term protection where significant mechanical impact is not a risk factor.

Floorliner™ basic provides effective protection at an outstanding quality-price ratio.

Functions :

  • Non-slip for safer sites
  • Impermeable; protects the floor from all kinds of liquids (paint, solvents, …)

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Breathable, for severe demands


Floorliner solprotec

The nonwoven for freshly laid floor coverings and tough applications.

Solprotec™ protects against mechanical impact and is especially suitable for freshly laid natural stone products.

Its breathable, vapor-transmitting fleece reliably protects your floors from mechanical damage.

Functions :

  • Non-slip for safer sites
  • Breathable

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