Impact-sound absorbing nonwoven for floating parquet and laminate floors with integrated moisture barrier TSL™ 400

TSL™ 400

TSL™ 400 for even more convenience.

TSL 400™ is thicker and is therefore more comfortable to walk on. TSL™ 400 is a sound-absorbent nonwoven with a slip coating on the upper side and a 0.2 mm vapor barrier made of PE sheeting laminated to the rear side.

It complies with standards EN ISO 717-2 (impact sound improvement) and DIN EN ISO 12572 (vapor permeability).


TSL 400


  • Greater convenience
  • Lw = 20 dB
  • Vapor barrier
  • Suitable for infloor heating
  • 20 cm overlapping PE sheeting

Important: Do not install TSL™ 400 on subsurfaces made of organic material (carpeting, chipboard, etc.).


Product Information TSL™ 400 [PDF 1,327 Ko]Technical Sheet TSL™ 400 [PDF 73 Ko]


  • iso 5001
  • swiss